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Reviews of End of Eternity, the (1955)

Review by voralfred (2007-02-12)
This is a book about time travel, and of course it had to address the problems of the paradoxes that time travel will inevitably cause (the kind, going back in the past and killing your own grandfather..). Well, I just don't feel that these paradoxes were successfully treated. I found the whole thing rather artificial.
I am generally an all-and-all Asimov fan and if you want a (short) story where I feel that Asimov treated time travel in an original and interesting way, I suggest "The Red Queen's Race" (published, for instance in "The Early Asimov, Vol 3"
But in End of Eternity, I have been extremely disappointed. It is, imho, one of his least good (I won't say "worse", Asimov cannot write anything really bad) novels.

Review by kadambi (2006-07-02)
Possibly Asimov's best work. I have long been a fan of Asimov as a mystery writer. End of Eternity fuses elements of time travel paradoxes and classic mystery storytelling to produce an outstanding work of scifi.

End of Eternity is the story of ruling class called Eternals, and how their attempt at social engineering leads to humanity potentially losing its soul. Ultimately an unintended act of rebellion by Technician Harlan (an Eternal) leads to End of Eternity or, as the ending says, the begining of infinity. A joyous read.

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