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Reviews of Jurassic Park (1990)

Review by horrifido (2013-03-25) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

Isn't it almost every child's dream to be face to face with a me then!

I was fascinated with dinosaurs when I was little and I have to say I haven't every really grown out of the fascination. That is why I was so glad that this book was written. It brought dinosaurs into the modern age and with characters we could all relate to, from the kids right down to the man who's idea started the whole story.

Of course the dangers are explored through each character's viewpoint and this gives very rounded storyline. Each character is explored and little hints into other things that have happended in their backgrounds give you a better view as to whyt they are behaving as they are in this book.

I felt that no part of this book was unvbelievable, right down to creating baby dinosaurs from the blood inside dead mosquitos (you know it will happen one day).

I'm sure this book was aimed at adults but I can see it being enjoyed by young adults as well. There is no masses of gore and the decriptions of this dinosaurs really can make you picture them in your mind.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to anybody with a sense of adventure.

(This review refers to the 1990 version titled “Jurassic Park”)

Review by ksciranko (2007-11-18)
I had to read this book for 11th grade English. Most people in my class didn't like it because they were cry-babies and didn't like the small font and amount of pages. If you are one of those people, don't read it. You don't have anything to prove. But if you do like science or paleontology, you will love this book!


Review by sarona (2005-08-12)
Scientists, an eccentric old man, a paleontologist, an archiologist, a mathematician, and two kids. Exciting on the edge of your seat thriller. Suspenseful and with a good plot. This book is a page turner, with you wanting to read more quickly to find out what happens to the people during the story. The beggining is a bit slow but definitly worth reading through once you get to the action.

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