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Reviews of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (1987)

Review by blueworld (2004-03-31)
A story both bizarre and frequently hilarious. Especially the part about the monk.

Review by nzilla (2003-11-17)
Absolutely hilarious. Even funnier than the first Hitchhiker book in my opinion. My only problem is that the ending was a little abrupt, anticlimactic, and didn't quite answer all the questions from the book. (Why exactly was that one electric monk brought to Earth?) Still, totally hilarious. 8/10

Review by slink (2003-03-09)
Featuring some of Adams' most sublime writing, particularly well featured in Dirk's Holistic musings, it is a book that ties together some of the lost pieces of history, and ties them up in a suitably Adamsesque manner.
I've always actually felt this was superior to Hitch-Hikers Guide, much as I'm a huge fan of it, since it has a far more matured and serene style to it, and the character are given a lot more time to evolve by themselves, since it is their story, not that of the Book, or the Universe.

Review by transient0 (2003-03-07)
Less absurd then Hitchiker's Guide(although still pretty absurd) Dirk Gently remains hilarious science fiction while simultaneously telling a pretty respectable detective story.

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