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Reviews of Lirael (2001)

Review by hammad (2008-04-07)
A lot of second books in a trilogy are blamed for being boring. So is the case with Lirael. After writing Lirael 6 years after sabriel, i think garth nix has lost his familiarity with the characters. The writing style has faced major changes and I felt that a lot of the content was being repeated. Plus, the book has bare minimum action and as stated before, serves as a connector between book one and three. However, the book introduces a major character in the form of the Disreputable Dog and many questions from Sabriel are answered. This not Garth NIx's best work by far but it is good none-the-less. I expect Abhorsen to be brilliant so read on. 6.5/10

(This review refers to the 2001 version titled “Lirael”)

Review by Avarith (2003-07-05)
This book was fairly fun. Not the best fantasy I've ever read - but then, that status is pretty hard to grab by now. A quick read. Characters were sort of flat, and sometimes unsympathetic, but generally they were believable. The plot was interesting. Style and description were sometimes choppy.

Bottom line: Good for rainy day quickie.

Note: Part of the reason I bought this book (other than pure, plain interest) was that I needed something THICK, as I had a large amount of time but a limited amount of money. Turned out it took me a single DAY to read it in its entirety. Which means that the reading level is, for me, about the same as Rowling - IE, a good kids' book.

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