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Reviews of Sirens of Titan, the (1959)

Review by ibben (2005-06-15)
Vonnegut's imagination was/is incredible! Of all his books, this one is my personal favorite. The characters are interesting and the plot is weird but it's the imagery that sticks with me more than any other of his books (excepting the end of Cat's Cradle).

I've always wished and dreamed that another free thinking, imaginative spirit by the name of Charlie Kaufman would take a shot at a Vonnegut screenplay. Breakfast of Champions was a lame attempt at putting a great story on film, someone's gotta get one of these wonderful stories on film for me :)


Review by hammerstein (2004-05-04)
This is the first novel by Vonnegut that I have read and I was more than impressed. The writing style is accomplished and accessible, very occasionally drifting into pretentiousness.

The story itself is a classic SF yarn about the meaning of life and the purpose of existence, examining religion and freedom of choice with a dry and thoughtful wit (a theme which I understand is prevalent with Vonnegut). The story is incredibly imaginative and somewhat reminicent of Philip K. Dick, although much more grounded and easier on the brain. The main players in the story are well thought out, and the characterisation is very good for a book as short as this. Some elements of the story are genuinely touching.

The finale of the book is a well executed and gratifying conclusion to the story - the exception to the rule for this type of book IMO.

I'd recommend it to anybody that likes imaginative SF of the non space-opera variety.


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