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Reviews of Fall of Hyperion, the (1990)

Review by mrdude (2006-04-07)
The Fall of Hyperion, the second book in the Hyperion Series by Dan Simmons Starts off with the introduction of a new character in the story, or so it seems, you'll have to decide for yourself on that one. The six pilgrims on Hyperion are camped at the time tombs, waiting for the shrike to come.

For all the strength and power the previous book in the series (Hyperion) held, this addition was vastly lacking. Surprisingly, I think the biggest downfall of the book was the addition of a character narrator. Not to give any plot twists away, the author designates one character to become the narrator of the story, such that one could assume they were telling the previous volume and had simply not been revealed yet. I initially did not expect this to make a big difference in the feel of the book, but the first person used when narrating plot line about themselves seemed to exclude the reader, and I suppose one can never underestimate the power of suggestion, for from that point on I no longer felt I was there with the characters, but watching from afar, regardless of the perspective used.

Now before I give this work a black star of disapproval, I suppose I should talk about its redeeming qualities. The “world building” so to speak of this novel was impeccable. This novel seemed to hit a much broader scope than the previous, and therefore gave the reader a picture of human space, known as the web, that was in much more detail than before. There seemed to be a tremendous amount of character development in this book, but it did not occur with the characters I expected it to. In a way the author took the image that he had presented in the last book and just zoomed out a bit. Much is revealed in this volume, making it much easier to set down after its completion than Hyperion was.

Overall I think this book is worth the time it took to read, although it did take me a considerably longer time than the last. Truthfully I don't see how one who had read the previous book could live a full and happy life without at least attempting to read its sequel.

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