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Reviews of Wedding, the (2003)

Review by robokop (2009-07-26)
As I mentioned in my review of The Notebook I was originally misinformed that this book was a sequel (and in a way I guess it is but it is not what I expected). I got the impression that it was supposed to be about Noah and Allie’s wedding. It does, of course, have Noah in it and Allie is mentioned several times but it is really about a husband trying to repair his marriage to his wife. The antagonist is Noah's son-in-law not Noah himself.

Even though this book doesn't have a lot to do with The Notebook it was another great novel. I truly enjoyed reading it. Once again there a lot of heart and romance as Nicholas Sparks is well known for. The story is told in the first person perspective and we listen to Wilson's story about his failings as a husband and what he does to fix them.

It is well written and I love the ending. It might help to read The Notebook first just because there are some references to it but this book would be easy to follow without it. I'm hoping that they will eventually make a movie of it also even though I have my doubts that they will. I believe it would look great on the silver screen.

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