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Reviews of Storm of Swords, a (2000)

Review by exos (2009-11-19)
It has a great plot, epic set pieces, and deep characters. Plenty of books/series can make me feel satisfied. However, this book had me swinging from one emotion to next. Only book where I have been able to read it multiple times and still gain a lot from the experience.

(This review refers to the 2000 version titled “A Storm of Swords”)

Review by britflik (2009-08-12)
I have to be honest here, I do not understand the point in an internet book site that rates a fantasy fiction book of a well written but not masterful calibre as the greatest work of literature of all time.

There is something seriously wrong here and I do hope that as more people trickle onto iblist then the charts will change to a more realistic representation of critically acclaimed works rather than this bullsh*t.

Where the hell is 1984 or clockwork orange or war and peace etc. Am I stating the bleeding obvious here of have I somehow missed the point.

Review by siege (2009-01-18)
I must agree with the review by Pug. While Martin is a fine and powerful author, his works simply do not belong as 2 of the top 10 best books ever! Storm of Swords is, no doubt, a damn good read. The plot is tight, the viewpoint shifts are masterful, the characters memorable...

A top 20 book? Certainly. But better than Ender's Game, Starship Troopers, The Stand, Cat's Cradle, Last Unicorn, Tigana, Lord of the Rings, Princess Bride, Foundation, Dragonsong, Riddlemaster of Hed, Titan, Dune, Dandelion Wine, I Will Fear No Evil, etc, etc..?!?! No. Just plain no.

I must respectfully suggest that in order to be taken seriously, the IBL must develop some sort of weighting system to discount the too-hasty 10's. While the votes are certainly sincere, one wonders how many other works the voters have read as a basis to compare with.

Review by archaic (2006-12-30)
So far this has been the best book in the series. The characters and the plot were better than all the other books in the series and quite possibly every book I have ever read. At times I felt myself feeling bad sorry some characters while despising others. Sometimes I was cheering on one side and at times I was cheering on the other side. As usual the you never knew what the author was going to throw at you next. The ending to this book was absolutely phenomenal. Don't be intimidated by the number of pages in the book each page is worth it.

I gave this book a 10/10 because it was without a doubt the best book I have ever read.

Review by dorkov (2004-10-30)
This is the best book in the series [thus far]. You'll be surprised how the author can shift your sympathies for certain characters, just by introducing new 'point-of-view' characters. The totally unexpected plot-twists, with major characters dying, will make you crave for more reading to learn what the future holds.

I'm starting to read the series for the fourth time now, in anticipation of 'a Feast for Crows'. I just hope that Sandor Clegane [my favorite character] will play an important role in the next books.

If only more people could have such an impartial [multiple point-of-view] understanding of our real life, especially those top political people who are describing the current world as very 'black vs white' ... with themselves as the good guys.

Review by Pug (2003-09-11)
Sorry Guys, but are you all on the Martin payroll? This book was pretty good, but not THAT good, no way! At the time I am reviewing this book, it is at the #1 spot on the rankings list. C'mon, is this book better than Two Towers, Enders Game, Hyperion, The Glass Bead Game, Dune (for god's sake DUNE!!!), etc....

NO, it's not. This book is not a 10, why give it a 10?

Review by LJOL (2003-07-06)
I said in my review of AClash of Kings that it was probably the best book in the series but I thin I'm wrong. This one is. And all the things that I've said of the other books in the series goes for this one too. And that the books that follows the first book in a series is better than the first is very, very rare, at least in the series I've read. It is a prof of that this fantasy series is something out of the ordinary.

Review by MuadDib (2003-03-20)
This is a *stellar* series that everybody should read no matter whether you like fantasy or not. It is only because this series is so good that I felt disappointed seeing it going to a 4th book.. somebody needs to tell Martin not to make this a double digit novel series like Wheel of Time has become.

10/10 for this book
8/10 for the prospect of this series stretching on .. and on...

Review by Cid (2003-03-18)
This is the third and most recent of the song of fire and ice series. It is just as good as the others if not better, and has a ending on scale of that of the first book. I didn't see some of the things comming, would go further into it but dont want to give anyting away. This is a book best read without any spoilers, trust me you wont regret it. what are you waiting for go out and buy this book!

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