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Reviews of Clash of Kings, a (1998)

Review by archaic (2006-12-30)
I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the first book in the series. It was still a great read and is another masterpiece by George R.R Martin. The characters were once again extremely well written and the storyline never slowed down.

If you liked A Game of Thrones I recommend reading this one as well.

Review by Corleone (2005-02-06)
A great continuation of the Song of Ice and Fire. Equal in quality to the first book, with amazing characterization, excellent plotting, and unexpected twists. I loved the fantasy atmosphere of the novel, despite the almost complete lack of typical magic that is common in most fantasy. Can't wait to read the next in the series.

Review by LJOL (2003-07-06)
I have only reviewed the whole series in my review of A Game of Thrones but I must comment each and every one of the books too. This is probably the best book in the entire series, with the possible exception of part two of A Storm of Swords. The things that happen in A Clash of Kings is electrifying. I Could barely do anything else but to read during the days I read this, and not purely because I was sick and in bed.

I would give it 11/10 if it was possible.

Review by Cid (2003-03-18)
This book continues the greatness of the song of ice and fire series. I gave it 9 our of 10 stars. Just about as good as the first, but the ending of this one dont hold up to that of the first. But still a great book and a page turner of that. Keep reading this series it just keeps getting better and better.

Review by tsangal (2003-03-08)
Martin does a fair job of interweaving a complex plot, but I wasn't totally drawn into his world. There are too many characters and not enough character development. I also felt the book was too long--there are long stretches where very little is going on.

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