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Reviews of Regulators, the (1996)

Review by nzilla (2004-08-26)
This book is quite interesting. The premise is unique and unlike the first four books written under the Bachman name, this one has a very mature writing style. Very weird and very good. 9/10

Review by sTalking_Goat (2003-10-31)
The idea behind this book is most interesting to me. Written under the Bachman moniker. This book is a twisted mirror image of one of Kings other books (Desperation). Almost all the same characters appear, the 'Evil' is the same although it manifests differently and the same events more of less happens, although not all the same characters live or die in both. Together Desperation and The Regulators are a incredibly enjoyable experience. (if gore and mayhem is your thing). Seperately I think Desperation is vastly batter. The Regulators starts out well, but too quickly devovles, into a action/slasher movie parody. Although this was obviously partly on purpose.

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