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Reviews of Mission to Minerva (2005)

Review by johnafair (2006-02-19)
While the friendship between Earth and Thurien growis apace, no doubt bolstered by the Thurien's complete inability to see why they should limit Terran access to their worlds, Vic Hunt and his colleagues find themselves right at the heart of the latest Thurien scientific studies after Vic took a phone call friom a future self. It's possible that he could have saved himself a lot of grief if he hadn't passed on the investment tip he received at the same time...

When it's determined that the combined team has access to all the infinite possibilities of the Multiverse, the Thuriens find it impossible to ignore the fate of their original home planet after they had left it to the Lunarians, ancestors to both the Terrans and the Jarvenese.

This is a reasonably paced book though in places I feared that it would become bogged down in a discussion of quantum mechanics and the Many World Interpretation of the same but Hogan just avoids becoming too enmeshed in the theoretical side of the book. He also plays his supposedly brainy scientists as a bit of fools at one stage when they are trying to work out why everyone seems to be reporting different versions of the same events...

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