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Reviews of Christmas Carol, a (1843)

Review by darkkilala (2005-05-15)
This book is so awesome that you could read it 10,000 times and never get tired of it. It is probably one of the best classics ever written. Dickens did an amazing job on making this the book that it is. Everybody should read this book if they saw the musical and the disney version and the older versions. It is that sweet.

Review by spiphany (2004-07-24)
This is one of those stories that everybody knows so nobody bothers to read it. My enjoyment of the story was somewhat spoiled simply because it's been turned into such a 'feel-good' Christmas story that it's hard to ignore that, and it ends up feeling rather cliched.
It's well worth actually reading, though, if only to see what Dickens actually wrote rather than what people have made of it. Dickens' character study of the unlikeable Scrooge is probably the strongest part of the story - it seems to me that the whole Christmas ghost/visitation bit is mostly a device to develop that.
One other thing: I can't read "A Christmas Carol" without thinking of the scene in "A Prayer for Owen Meany" where Owen completely reinterprets (and brings to life) the role of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come and ends up terrifying himself.

Review by Beaver (2004-02-21)
A Christmas Carol is a classic (at Christmas or any other time). Dickens paints a vivid and detailed picture, suprising for such a short story. It was a very quick and easy read - I finished it in a couple of hours.


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