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Reviews of Sphere (1987)

Review by nzilla (2003-06-28)
Sphere is definitely one of Michael Crichton's more unique books. Out of all of his books, Sphere probably has the best, most fleshed-out characters. His trademark research is here to some extent, though not anywhere near as much as usual and on several different topics including marine biology, psychology, and astrophysics. Unfortunately, he makes some rather glaring and silly mistakes about how computers function (I suppose this book is old enough that he could get away with it). Sphere was fairly predictable and the tension just didn't work for me, though it might for other readers. The plot ultimately rips off Shakespeare's The Tempest and the old science fiction movie Forbidden Planet. The themes explored would've worked much better if they were told with more subtlety, much like Forbidden Planet. Overall, a decent read, but not his best. 7/10

Review by Kidkarysma (2003-04-25)
An incredible book made it into a god awful movie. I loved this book and thought that the strangeness and mystery of it was incredibly well done. Adventure with mystery and the ending was great.

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