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Reviews of Talent for War, a (1989)

Review by keith (2004-11-28) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

The back of this book outlines the story of a certain Alex finding clues that indicate that a interstellar hero, Christopher Sim, might actually be a fraud. Sounds great. I'd love to read about some of the socio-political ramifications of having someone running around trying to rewrite history based on new evidence. There might even be some cloak-and-dagger elements in it as Alex runs up against whoever propped Sim up as a war hero.

Why was two-thirds of the book dedicated to Alex's search for this information that might prove that Sim was a fraud? I had already assumed he was. There's nothing really remarkable about those 200 pages. The last third of the book isn't much better. Alex eventually stumbles across the right person who tells him where is late-uncle was headed before he died (was murdered? -- it's never addressed) and the rest of the book explains how Sim was a fraud.

I really wish there was something for me to sink my teeth into here. I spent a long time waiting for something to happen and I don't feel that much ever did.

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