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Reviews of Skylark of Space, the (1928)

Review by clong (2007-02-03)
As you might expect, this is solidly in the dated, sexist, adolescent escapist fantasy mode. The men are handsome and brilliant, and the women are plucky (without ever going beyond needing a real man to rescue them when the going gets tough) and beautiful. The aliens are bug eyed monsters or human clones (dipped in green paint).

The most interesting character is DuQuesne, who is brilliant, ambitious and completely amoral, yet honorable in his own perverse way. Too bad he disappears for long stretches at a time, despite being cooped up in a relatively small spaceship with the four good guys.

Still, the action, especially in the last 50 pages, is reasonably entertaining, and you have to acknowledge that some of the basic ideas being addressed in this novel are still driving the imaginations of science fiction authors and readers 80 years later (e.g., Star Trek: Voyager).

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