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Reviews of Nightfall (1990)

Review by wwwwolf (2004-08-03)
_Nightfall_ is a story about a world that has six suns, and as such, always has daylight. Once every two thousand years or so, however, the sky will go dark and the civilization will fall when people burn everything to get light.

_Nightfall_ is just about one of the most *typical* science fiction stories I've ever read. If anyone asked what SF was about, this might be the book I'd pick and say "here, read this". What makes it typical is, in my opinion, its complete and total devotion to scientific ideas, play with thoughts (the thought here being "what's life like in a planet in which darkness is practically an unknown concept?"). It's also next to impossible to turn into an interesting movie, which is probably just a good thing.

Originally, the story was Isaac Asimov's short story, and it has been expanded to full novel size by Asimov and Silverberg. The core story in the middle of the book is quite interesting, while the expanded parts vary from intriguing to boring repetition. Yet, I believe the expansion was justified and the story is still quite strong in novel form.

I'd very much recommend this book.

(Reviewed the Finnish translation, WSOY FAN 1994)

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