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Reviews of Dad (1981)

Review by taryn (2004-12-07)
Dad is a bittersweet, sad, yet happy and highly emotional journey.viewed through the eyes of 'Dad's' son we see Dad succomb to illness which exposes his real life battles as opposed to his fantasy existence. A powerful wife/mother contols and inhibits Dad, he has another life, is it real? Or is it in his head? His fantasy world, his escape from the mundane, boring job, this so real, you want to believe his son's appraisal that some sort of time travel, parallell world exists for us all, somewhere where we are happy. I cried and alughed with this book. As always, Wharton makes you assess your own life and the happiness within it, none of which ahs anything to do with material goals. wonderfully uplifting. the car crash scene is particularly harrowing, you will sneak into your kids bedrooms and kiss your loved ones whilst they sleep. William Wahrton has a knack of reminding us of what is really important in life. Read this book, it is a classic.

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