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Reviews of Lord John and the Private Matter (2003)

Review by dyingslave (2004-07-08)
RE mojosmom's review:

Actually, the Outlander Series really isn't romance... There is some romance of course, but the books are really genre-bending stories. I just hope that you won't refuse to pick up Outlander (or one of the other novels), just because you think it'll be full of lovey dovey content. Do read a couple pages; I think you'll find Gabaldon's tale very engrossing.

Review by mojosmom (2004-06-26)
Being the sort of man who notices other men's pricks, Lord John discovers that his cousin's fiancÚ is poxed, and must find a way to force a break in the engagement without causing a scandal that would ruin her. At the same time, he must investigate the murder of a soldier who may have been involved in the theft of military secrets.

Not a bad little read. The author does quite a decent job of evoking mid-eighteenth century London. One annoyance is that the book is based on a character in a series, and even though it is not part of that series, the author keeps making allusions to other characters and events that have no place in this book, don't advance the narrative and are confusing if you haven't read her other books. That aside, I liked it.

However, I don't think I'll seek out the series. Judging from the comments of other people who've registered/read the book, the series is more in the romance line, which isn't my cup of tea at all.

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