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Reviews of From Timberline to Tidepool: Contemporary Fiction from the Northwest (1986)

Review by aubrey richards (2009-01-17)
It has been over 20 years since Rich Ives of Owl Creek press put out this anthology of northern writers. It contained writers then not so well known, that are now--quite well known, even standards in American fiction studies. There is no one story in "Timberline" that dominates: All of it is good fiction. Get it, used if necessary--and hopefully one day, someone might want to bring out an updated edition.

(This review refers to the 1986 version titled “From Timberline to Tidepool: Contemporary Fiction from the Northwest”)

Review by mergatroid (2004-10-06)
This is an "old chestnut" in my collection of favorite works by now landmark northwest writers. At the time of its publication some of the writers were not widely known, if at all. Now, some have become hallmarks of American literature, such as Raymond Carver, Tobias Wolf and William Kitteridge. Irene Wanner's story is particularly noteworthy, as is Tess Gallagher's and Irving Warners. This is a "must include" if you are interested in American letters.

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