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Reviews of Warlock (2002)

Review by raggle (2010-03-08)
Wilbur Smith’s Warlock is the third book in his Egyptian series.
The story follows the young Prince Nefer, and the trials he struggles with to gain his rightful seat on the throne. The all-knowing Taita, who we have come to know from the previous books, guides Nefer in his development and must keep him safe from the many threats until he can stand and unite this very Egypt.
With many men desiring to rule Egypt, they will go to any lengths to capture her ….

The characters in this book make it. Having met Taita in The River God, I was almost put out when he wasn’t directly involved in The Seventh Scroll. So I was pleased to see a return to Taita’s life in Warlock. All the characters, new and old, are rich and in-depth so you find yourself willing them on to survive the challenges they are set.
Along with the characters, the descriptions of the country and life are detailed giving easy direction to your imagination, allowing you to visualise the scene as it was many thousands of years ago. I find myself wanting to read just another page every time I think about having to put the book down.

It becomes more than just reading a story, with a bit of imagination you feel like you’re inside the story in all glory. Definitely worth a read….

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