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Reviews of Romeo and Juliet (1597)

Review by astfraeilifu (2008-03-17)
I must say that this play still gives me shivers when I read it. the language is so perfect, so sensual and the love is just emanating from both lovers. It deserves the name of the best romance ever. It is quite different read than seen in theater, but I recommend it even for those that don't like plays. This one might change your mind!

Review by siriusspells (2006-03-30)
This is one of the best plays ever written. William Shakespeare will always be remembered for this. I read it in class and accually found it interested, I'm not a big fan of my English class though. I reccomend it for everyone. I am not the biggest fan of playwrites in the world, but this is accually great!

Review by darkkilala (2005-03-15)
I never thought I would read this play but I did and I thought it was exguiste. Shakesepar outid him self on this one. I have never read a more interesting play before in my life. Well actually I have never read a play before this one, but still it was awesome. It took me a while before I was able to read it correctly, but I still thought it was awesome nonethless.

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