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Reviews of Ivory and the Horn, the (1995)

Review by spiphany (2005-01-17)
Having heard good things about de Lint from other users here at IBList, I decided to give this a try.

The stories in this book are set in the city of Newford, linked by a number of characters who appear in several of the stories. In many of them, elements of magic or folklore intrude on the characters lives in connection with a change or turning point of some sort. A few of the stories didn't do much for me ("Coyote Stories"); others linger in the memory. "Mr. Truepenny's Book Gallery and Emporium" gave me great pleasure, and "The Wishing Well" (in which I share a name with the main character) is quite haunting.

Overall I enjoyed the collection, although it didn't resonate with me the way Le Guin's work, for example, has. De Lint is a skillful enough writer that I will probably eventually seek out more of his work; I just can't get as enthusiastic about it as I might.

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