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Reviews of Dark Tower VI: The Song of Susannah, the (2004)

Review by sTalking_Goat (2004-06-27)
A little anticlimatic.

I would have preffered if this and "Wolves of the Calla" had been combined into one book. It would have made a bit more sense that way. "Song" clocks in at 400+ pages, which is damn short for a King book. Another problem I have with this book is that nothing much happens in it. Roland and Eddie mostly just run around and tie up loose ends. Susanah gets the low down on her newest personailty, most of which you've already figured out if you were paying attention since The Waste Lands. And Jake, Oy and the Pere's story ends just as it starst to get interesting.

What I did like though is how King handled the meeting of the author King and his characters. I was weary of it going into the book and I'm happy he didn't use it as some kind of Deus ex Machina to explain everything like I was afraid he might have done. I especially liked the "Regulators"-esque journal entries at the book's end, especially the last entry which just twists your mind if you think about the story implications too hard.

Overall I feel this one was well written (as usual) but mostly filler. If you've been reading DT from the beginning there's not a chance you'll miss this one anyway, and if you haven't this is NOT the place to start (King dispenses with the "previously on DT..." prologues which is probably a good thing). Its good setup for the next though, whcih is going to be a doozy.

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