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Reviews of Fires of Eden (1994)

Review by Applebrown (2003-03-10)
Entertaining as much as any book can be, and educational. Simmons always does his research. But it's the writing that will make you come back time and time again to his books. Fires of Eden is an underappreciated gem.

Many "Simmons' purists" believe it to be sub par compared to what he's capable of. What I'm wondering is, how can you not see that this is just as much a part of Simmons as his more respected works such as Hyperion (one of my very few all time favorites)? Have you not read his introductions, his interviews, etc? The writing is top-notch for an entertaining and thrilling ride over and through the legends of Hawaii. That's all this book claims to be. And that's what it is. But it's brilliantly done.

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