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Reviews of MisÚrables, les (1862)

Review by datovs (2010-10-01)
This novel is without a doubt one of the most profound and classical novels ever written. The beautifully formed characters, the careful measure of tragedy against bliss is simply perfect. Having read many novels in my life, I can safely say Les MisÚrables is a work of genius. If you're serious about reading and intelligence, this novel is a pre-requisite.

(This review refers to the 1987 version titled “Les MisÚrables”)

Review by headphoneaddict (2007-06-29)
This is Victor Hugo's best work of art. He provides beautiful descriptions and tells the most touching and moving story since Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This story will touch your heart and you will never forget it.

A must-read for everyone.

(This review refers to the 1987 version titled “Les MisÚrables”)

Review by voralfred (2007-03-11)
Well, this is a classic! In France everybody knows the scene where Cosette is afraid of going to the well fetch water, and meets the stranger that buys her the most beatiful doll. And the death of Gavroche. Now the unabridged text is long, very long, too long. There are digressions that you really wonder why the author inserted them (pages and pages on the history of the convent where Cosette will spend her chidhood, for instance).
But anyway this is a must, even if you only read a shortened translation.

Review by opheliaxdoll (2005-01-12)
Oh how i adore this book! Don't let the amount of pages put you off, its fantastic! ^_^

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