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Reviews of Enemy Glory (2001)

Review by alanhunt (2004-04-06)
While an overall readable book (I didn't quit before the ending), this story could have benefitted greatly by some rework, especially in the realm of magical description. You can pretty much just skip the first 20 pages, and sum them up with the sentence : "Magic is confusing. If you mess with it, you will see confusing things". The author is trying to make us feel the main character's chaos and the unpredictability or unreality of magic, but it ends up just coming across as dense and tedious. After that, the story picks up, and although the main character starts out as a hideously annoying person, he grows into his role.

I would also guess that the author played a bit of D&D in her time, because the concepts seem to follow that fantasy view fairly closely in some respects... right down to a scene where the main character is rolling "illusionist dice" to tell a story that sounds like it is right out of a campaign setting.

All in all, a reasonable first attempt, but I think that comparing it to George R. R. Martin does him a disservice.

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