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Reviews of Fool's Fate (2003)

Review by archaic (2007-01-20)
This was without a doubt the best book in the series and quite possibly the best book Robin Hobb has ever written.

Fitz's character is once again written to perfection and even more like able than before. The fact that there is only a small amount of Fitz basking in self pity was another factor to this books greatness. The pace of the book never slowed down and at times it was impossible to put the book down. There are so many twists and turns in the plot you never know what is going to happen. The setting, no longer entirely in Buckkeep, is great. A good portion of the book taking place in the Outislands is a great change to the setting as it adds unsureness and mystery.

This book had the happiest ending I've ever read. All the loose ends in Fitz's life come together and Fitz lives the rest of his life with those who mean the most to him.

After reading this book I became so attached to some of the characters that Robin Hobb could quite easily write a separate novel just for Dutiful, Web and Swift, and the Fool about what they did after the Fool's Fate.

This being the best book I've read in awhile I give it a 9/10

Review by tomau (2007-01-15)
This book is sort of conclusion to 8 previous Hobb's books.
The main plot is prince Dutiful's mission to island of Aslevjal where he must kill the sleeping dragon to win the hand of Narcheska. The one opposing the mission is the Fool, so Fitz finds himself in quite of a dilemma; he is torn by his loyalty to the prince and to the Fool.
I love Robin Hobb's work and this book is no exception. Hobb is an excellent writer. The writing style is so superb that you even find yourself enjoying reading about some trivial parts in the book.
As always, characters are well developed, especially relationship between Fitz and the Fool. After 8 books you love all the characters despite their flaws.This book is also more emotional then her previous books.
The end is little too convinient for Fitz, but after all he's been through it is well deserved.
I highly recommend this book to all fantasy readers.

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