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Reviews of Wasp Factory, the (1984)

Review by lord kallor (2004-12-18)
Iain Banks has written here what can only be described as a disturbing and unique novel. following the tale of a boy as he quite literaly worships death (killing siblings and catapulting gerbils to their death etc.) and his life through a period of amazing change as well as recounting his past. Interesting and analyical and a disturbing read, Iain Banks has written another bizarre book of high quality 7/10

Review by WilltheWhiteTrashMutant (2003-03-12)
Banks novel about a Scottish teenage sociopath is disturbing and unique. It is some ways a literary version of Edward Gorey's cartoons.

Review by gerbie7 (2003-03-07)
Iain Banks - The wasp factory (02-032)

Enter the strange world of Frank. It certainly is an invitation living up to its words on the backside of the book. Frank is weird, he doesn't even exist officially, as his father never registered him after his birth. Many things happened in his life, during his story he tells all the significant details of his life up until then. And when reading them one surprise follows the next, the strange mind of the main character makes for an entertaining book, although you wonder quite often if people like this really exist. Just a quote: "Three. I haven't killed anybody for years now, nor do I intend to kill again. It was just a phase I had to get through." This is a teenager speaking, just to emphasise the weirdness of it. Still this is not a book about murders, nor is it a crime novel. It is about the mind of this youngster, his family, his world. This world is a small peninsula on the Scottish coast. Frank has a brother who competes in absurdness with him, setting fire to pet dogs being a speciality. There is just too much happening, it is very difficult to put the book down. It certainly proves why Banks is one of my favourite authors. It is impossible to actually describe Frank, you just have to read the book to know. One of the best novels by Banks, which says a lot as most of his books are great.

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