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Reviews of Tehanu (1990)

Review by cathmere (2010-06-23)
After reading Tehanu several weeks ago I had to write a review for this amazing novel. Tehanu is, in my opinion, one of Ursala K. Le Guin's most interesting novels, It takes a deeper look into Le Guin's breath-taking world of earthsea, this book takes place on the island of Gont, re-visiting an old character, Tenar, who played a major role in the second Earthsea book, the tombs of Autan, Tehanu is the story about the prejudices that confront several memorable characters, Gont is an island where small communities must band together to face day by day life, Tenar, who has lived here for several years, is often thought down of for being foreign, sice the second book she has chozen a rural country life, though her husband, a farmer named flint, has died, she still lives on her farm, and takes care of it as best she can. the story evolves as she becomes the surrogate mother of an abused little girl, the child is shunned from much of the village because she had been terrible burned from what may, or may not have been an accident.
This book is not for people who read stories for nothing but blind action. And for those of you who do, I suggest netflix, as it may be a greater source of intertainment for you than a book. but for those of you who like interesting, well thought out stories of a more complex and intimate nature, Than I do recommend this book, as it is a curious emotional story, sure to inspire all who read it.

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(This review refers to the 1990 version titled “Tehanu”)

Review by jel (2004-08-22)
Hmm. I liked the first three Earthsea books a lot. The last one, I can live with. This one, I just didn't get at all. Perhaps it's just me; perhaps I should read it again. But it just made no sense. And I know others have said the same, wondering what the hell this book was all about. Maybe I just didn't empathise enough.

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