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Reviews of New Spring (2004)

Review by clong (2007-03-23)
This book was moderately better than I expected. Moiraine and Lan are two of my favorite characters from the series, so it was nice to get a heavy dose of both (something not available in any of the recent WoT books).

It includes some strong scenes, most of which had already been in the novella (with the notable exception of the Aes Sedai test which I thought was quite cool). I was glad to learn a bit more about Randland economics and a lot more about Moiraine's position vis-a-vis the Cairhien political scene. I found the revelation about Moiraine and Siuan's "pillow friend" relationship odd, but not particularly troubling.

The not so good stuff would include the entire Cadsuane scene (just when you think Jordan may have some purpose for her beyond irritating readers), and I felt like our dynamic duo was often jumping to conclusions that they didn't really have enough information to reach. In the end, this is a book in which both Moiraine and Lan come of age; Jordan could made this transformation more compelling.

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