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Reviews of Airframe (1996)

Review by nzilla (2004-08-26)
Airframe is definitely my favorite out of all the Michael Crichton novels that I have read (Jurassic Park, The Lost World, A Case of Need, Timeline, Prey, Rising Sun). As is usual of Crichton, the book is filled with information on the subject matter. Maybe because of the complexity of the subject matter, and maybe because I am the least familiar with the subject matter out of all of his books, I found that I had to think about what was going on frequently, which I liked. Everything is concisely wrapped up in the end, by the way. The plot is very good and complex. It explores the intricacies of corporations, their internal struggles, their competition, and their relationship with the media. The suspense is decent, though there might not be enough for every reader's liking, but I was satisfied. Particularly in the end, the book is actually quite funny. I think Airframe could make a great movie. Very highly recommended. 7/10

Review by Jabes (2003-06-29)
This book gives an insight into "the other side" of an accident investigation - what it is (probably) like to be involved in an investigation into one of your products when you are trying to make new sales in an uncertain market.

The characters are well formed, and the storyline well researched. I found this book compelling and realistic. The investigation concludes in a light hearted fashion, which you feel wouldn't be the way that it worked out in the real world - but it's pleasing nonetheless.

Well worth a read.

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