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Reviews of Forge of God, the (1987)

Review by japuckett (2007-12-12) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

This book is amazing, and the sequel, Anvil of Stars, is even better. Greg Bear took the killer, self-replicating machine idea from Fred Saberhagen's original, yet poorly written (in my opinion), Berserker series and took it to a whole new level. Bear's adaptable genius in so-called "hard" sci-fi shines forth in these two books. A fun read for intelligent sci-fi lovers.

Review by sqbr (2003-06-30)
I can't really review this book, since I found it so depressing I had to stop after the first few chapters. It does have one of the best "slow realisation that hugely powerful aliens are after us we're all doomed" sequences I've ever seen/read. Leaves "Independence Day" for dead :)
Can't speak for the ending of course...

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