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Reviews of Aberystwyth Mon Amour (2001)

Review by johnafair (2007-06-29)
Having visited Aberystwyth in both the summer and the winter, I loved the take that Pryce put on the place. There was just enough of the 'real' town visible in his version of the town to leave one with a rather odd sense of dislocation as he put his patina of weirdness over the place.

The actual plot of the story is rather silly, but not really the point and if it's not an apparent contradiction, the story could be seen as a coming of age story, if you aren't worried by a guy in his thirties having that sort of revelation.

(This review refers to the 2001 version titled “Aberystwyth Mon Amour”)

Review by hulabob (2003-08-22)
After spending nearly 5 months in Wales I was interested in a Welsh mystery. Overall this book was very enjoyable, and I'm glad I took the time to track it down, since no US publishers seem to carry it. Pryce's sense of humor throughout the book is great--dry and fairly dark. He parodies traditional early crime fiction novels in multiple clever ways. It also does a great job critiquing the modern state of Welsh culture and how it has become something sold in gift shops more than appreciated by general society. The mystery is fun with enough plot turns to keep the non-Welsh familiar interested as well. I enjoyed it and would recommend tracking down a copy.

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