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Reviews of Forever War, the (1974)

Review by kadambi (2010-06-26)
Well, this simple is not as great as a book as it is made out to be. Probably a bit dated.

It starts off in a very disjointed fashion. As it is spread over a long time, the story line keeps shifting with the protagonist being the (weak) link. Toward the middle the book takes a very pessimistic turn about the future of humanity. It was off putting.

The only good part of the book was the last 40 pages, which kept me engrossed. The book ends in a monumentally soppy fashion, straight out of a Hollywood love story! Eerily, I liked it as it was the only human element in an otherwise mechanical and monotonous book.

(This review refers to the 1997 version titled “The Forever War”)

Review by antonius (2004-08-03)
I know this book from the comic book that is widely available in our country, Belgium. I have the feeling that the comic is more complacent.
Also this is a very seventies book, i.e. the drug use, free sex, and the Vietnam War.
I liked it a lot, both comic and novel. You don't read a lot of books that are so pessimistic about future wars.

Review by joel (2003-07-18)
Joe Haldeman is among the few SF authors who can effectively capture humanity, alienness and accurate science while also telling a good and morbidly ironic story. Although _The Forever War_ does occasionally drift into excited rambling about some technology or other, it does not lose track of the protagonist's personality changing and also hardening as he reacts to the radical changes in society that have occurred each time he returns to Earth.

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