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Reviews of Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold (1956)

Review by fuzzy_patters (2007-04-09)
A fascinating retelling of the mythological tale of Cupid and Psyche told through the eyes or Orual, on of Psyche's sisters. Lewis updates the mythological figures and makes them someone we can relate to while contrasting true selfless love with the envy of coveting another. It's a highly engaging, epic adventure and a moral alegory without being preachy. I highly recomend it.

Review by indi (2003-03-09)
This book is my absolute favourite, and that's saying something.
Lewis manages to write a book that seamlessly brings together a tale on many levels. The first level is the historical one: it describes what it must have been like in a small barbarian kingdom on the fringes of classical Greece.
The second level is that of the myth: Psyche & Cupid, and her ugly sister. The tale of the sister is absolutely heart-wrenching: she is so absolutely human - and by that I mean exactly what I say, human in all her imperfectness and struggles.
The third is the level of the natural versus the supernatural. Do miracles exist? Should we believe, or should we rationalize?
Against this background Lewis unfolds the greatest theme of all: that of love. Two loves struggle with each other in this book: one profane, one sacred.
I think I will leave it at this, so as not to spoil the tale. It is such an epic book, however, that I would recommend it to anyone.

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