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Reviews of Under Heaven's Bridge (1982)

Review by physik (2006-11-11) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

Michael Bishop and Ian Watson have created a very unique and at times frightening vision of what may lie ahead in our journey to the stars. The Kybers are a hybrid race composed of both organic tissues and advanced technology. Although the Kybers themselves appear at times to operate independently, they are all attached to a single “hive” mind which shares all of the knowledge between them. Therefore when Keiko instructs her “student” in the English language, the rest of the Kybers are able to speak the dialect as well.

This was a fascinating read that provided a perfect balance between the technological and cultural aspects of the Kybers and the questions of the ethics involved in interfering with their race. The Kybers themselves are at times a very frightening force. When the Kybers finally decide to depart their doomed world it's difficult to know if they are sincere in their desire to leave their world peacefully, or if they are the makings of an invasion force seeking to seed the rest of the cosmos.

This is a hard science-fiction novel that I would recommend as a quick read to anyone interested in the genre. Clocking in at 198 pages; it's a fascinating journey to a strange world with an unusual twist that will definitely leave you scratching your head...wondering what happened next.

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