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Reviews of Eragon (2003)

Review by marflord (2010-12-19)
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Review by akuni (2009-01-01)
I have had the excellent fortune never to come across a book that I found truly revolting, so bad as to be incomprehensible. At least that is, until I came across Eragon.

I should point out before I go on, one of the main reasons for my disgust is that it is in reaction to the over-hyped response to this novel. I see one person on this site say Paolini is better than Tolkien.

Here's a (Very) short list of why it is so bad: Completely unoriginal, nomenclature was childish, the general writing style was mediocre at the best of times, horrifying most of the time (You could tell a teenager wrote this), dialogue (One of the ever present weaknesses of the genre) appalling, corny, cheesy, repetitive, dull etc... the plot was predictable, the characters were boring and one-dimensional, and there was a werecat. No, I'm not kidding, and it was pulled right out of Alice in Wonderland.

Now I can understand the sort of mentality that would enjoy this novel, juvenile tops the list, inexperienced, never having been exposed to any good fantasy is a must. But please, for your own sake, if your older than ten ignore this book, ignore the hype, and go pick up something by, well, anyone. Anyone at all, it could not be worse than this.

Review by StefanY (2007-08-24)
This was a very well written and entertaining introduction to a new series and to a new author. My appreciation of the book grew even stronger when I read the author bio and found out how incredibly young Mr. Paolini is and was when writing the book. To have that much creative talent and to be able to put it to that much use at such a young age is a marvelous acheivement unto itself.

On to the book however, I thought that the world that Christopher created and the characters and social structures within it were very well detailed and defined. The story moved along at a nice pace with very little downtime. It is very well written and engages the reader to want to continue reading, leaving you hungry for the next novel in the series.

My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is that some of the dialog is not very strong. I mostly noticed this at the beginning of the book and it seemed to smooth itself out as the story progressed. But, a the start, I kind of felt like I was watching a movie with 2nd or 3rd rate actors. Like I said, it wasn't too bad and it got much better, but I feel that my review would have been lacking without mentioning it.

Review by mmsathlete27 (2007-04-13)
This is a fantastic book for all readers, no matter what genre they read. This powerful book, with it's Dragon Riders and their Dragons, give's it's readers a adventurous ride, tagging along with Eragon and Saphina. You will love Saphina's, the Dragon's, personality and loyalty to Eragon and all the many creatures they meet, like the Elf, werecat, dwarf, and other Dragon Riders. This is one book YOU HAVE TO READ!!! DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!

Review by hyper7 (2007-02-20)
I got to page 226 before the boredom totally overtook me. A really cliched plot, shallow characters and sometimes silly dialoge. Thumbs down.

I do concede that it is probably not a bad start for a 15 year old, and I wouldn't be able to write something like this, but literature it is not.

If it starts youngsters on their way to being book lovers instead of video games, it can't be all bad though.

Review by squiggle444 (2007-01-16)
This book is fantastic!!!! I love this book so much, I read it at least three times through when I first got it. I nearly fainted when I heard it had become a movie, and I am dying to see it! Christopher Paolini has outdone himself with this wonderful book. I really enjoyed it, and I think that there is something in this book for everyone. There is excitement, some mystery, magic, elves, fighting, and much more. This is an amazing book, and I simply cannot wait until the third book in the Inheritence series comes out.

Review by juliaandersen (2006-10-07)
It is a really good book.. It is easy to understand even though you do not have english as your first language. It is a bit hard to get through the first chapter, but when you have read a few more chapters you cannot stop reading. It is a really good book and can be read not only by teenagers, but by all fantasy fans.

Review by ace (2006-08-11)
Short and simple, this book rocks. I have never read a book that is this good. Once you are in this book, you can not get back out until it is over, and then you want to read it again, it is that good. Christopher Paolini did an amazing job both on this book and the second book to this trilogy, Eldest. I love Eragon, and so will you, person who is reading this.

Review by harryhermionerw (2006-05-04)
Eragon was a really really well-written book. It may be a bit on the long side, and slightly streched out in places where it could be more consise, but overall, I really loved it!! I normally don't read the science-fiction/fantasy sort-of stuff, but it was recommended to me, and I'll recommend Eragon and the Eldest to anyone now!

Review by alisha (2005-10-08)
I can not believe that such a young author could start off with such a profound and beautiful story. It related wonderfully to life and what readers love to read. The advice he has his characters give is so wise that you wonder how in the world the author can be so young.

Christopher Paoulini is in my opinion a much better writer than Tolkien.

Review by xica (2005-09-16)
Its realy good!! I loved it althaw its a bit comlicated to read. The language used is a bit complex for us that are spanish but i supose that for english people itll be easy to read. The story is very good written and it is beutiful. It is worth buying. It is also dificult to read in spanish. Kisses from Spain.

Review by freejazz (2005-01-07)
While a little slow to get going (as is expected with this kind of long fantasy book/series) the story really picks up and the plot becomes dense. At around 500 pages it's a good solid read and a great first book from a young author (regardless of age)

I'm looking forward to the next one.

Review by crazyblade37 (2004-10-28)
this is the best book ever,i could read it over and over again, and i have. i give it three thumbs up. it's my favorite book ever. great writing Paolini

Review by chernir (2004-06-01)
Overall a good book. Classic poor farm boy becomes powerful and important. Definatly worth the time and money.

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