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Reviews of Tangent Objective, the (1976)

Review by kirwar4face (2003-12-19)
Though I'm not a fan of Lawrence Sanders's big bestsellers, ever since I stumbled over used copies of his Tangent novels, they've been two of my comfort books. In The Tangent Objective, the author adeptly creates a world, the nation of Asante, with characters equal to its challenges. Cradled in the author's capable hands, the reader is not obliged to worry about the injustice of the world or react personally to its obsessions or violence-- like the benevolent mercenary Sam Leiberman, who provides so much comic relief amidst the tensions of an attempted coup, the reader may lean back with an auctorially-provided shot of Johnny Walker Red and wink a jaundiced eye at the folly of man. But love is the cause of the folly that moves this world. All the characters, even the most minor and reprehensible, are admirable because they are who they are: the author, like God, has put his hand on them to show that there are no uninteresting people, and that it is not folly to love the world, but our birthright. And, for those who go for that kind of thing, there's plenty of kinky sex, non-gratuitous violence (it advances the plot!) and African army officers sitting around the barracks with no pants on.

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