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Reviews of Crown of Swords, a (1996)

Review by ufo (2007-06-15)
I think this book was much better than Lord of Chaos, but still could be better. I think the plot line of Mat, Nynaeve, Elayne in Ebou Dar looking for the Bowl was very interesting. Rand's part was great and very interesting.
Even Morgaese's part is much more interesting, with the invasion.

But, Its kind of upsetting to hear about Egwene being in power, because now her point of view isn't as interesting. Nothing much happens to Perrin here either. Faile and Berelain get really annoying too. And, as always, Nynaeve drove me crazy. She is as bad as ever in this book.

I also wish the final battle with Sammael was longer, and the story needed a conclusion longer than 2 pages. It really needed an epilogue.

A Crown of Swords is as slow as Lord of Chaos, and has the usual couple chapters in which nothing really happens, but more interesting things happen than in Lord of Chaos.

Review by turky (2007-03-25)
Despite my beliefs that this book would be better than Lord of Chaos it wasn't they seemed be about the same. I'm starting to believe in what others are saying about The Wheel of Time, and that it starts to suck later on in the series which for me it started with Lord of Chaos. In A Crown of Swords I was sort of hoping that Robert Jordan would start to tie things together alittle bit, but he didn't and this book was such a drag because of that fact. It took me eight days to read this book and throughout the last day I had to all, but force myself to read the last 150 pgs in hopes that it would be interesting. Well I wasn't totally wrong though because just like always Robert decides to write something that just makes me want to read the next book as fast as I can. I'm really hoping the next book isn't as disappointing.

I gave it a 7/10

Review by mrjunkmail (2005-01-24)
Nobody has posted about this book, so I will...

Just about everyone I've seen review this series seems to agree that at some point the Wheel of Time jumped the shark (started to suck), the only question is when.

For me it was in this book, when the Sea Folk Windfinders and the Kin Knitting Circle enter the story. This is the book where the annoying women took over the series. From here on the series just slows down into an annoying PMS-fest where the women just complain and bicker and bitch about EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. Will Lan/Gawyn/Rand or whoever like me in this dress? WHO CARES - GET ON WITH THE DAMN STORY ALREADY! Even Aviendha starts worrying about how she will look in a dress - her character also is just shot from here on out. The Kin, the sea folk women just eat space and provide nothing to the to the story at all, except drag it out and provide the author with a few more paydays. Worst of all, Perrin officially becomes totally whipped and his character never recovers either.

The other 50 percent of this book is actually pretty good, especially the prologue. The beginning of the book that deals with the fallout from Dumai's Wells and all of Mat's Ebou Dar experience that closes out the book are very well done, as is everything involving the various scheming Forsaken and Shaidar Haran. So it IS worth reading and some stuff does happen to make you think the series is still going somewhere in a timely fashion.

Other than the awesome closing battle scene in Winter's Heart, this series REALLY drops off after this book ends, especially the mind-numbing borefest that is Crossroads of Twilight. Of course that didn't stop me from buying them all the day they came out, and I'm sure I'll do the same for Knife of Dreams, but I no longer hold the Wheel of Time up there among the best stuff I've read, which was my opinion up through book 5 or so...

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