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Reviews of Vurt (1993)

Review by jlovell (2003-12-05)
When I first read Vurt soon after it's release in the US, I was striken by the immensity and self-sufficiency of the Manchester universe. Conspicously, Vurt lays the foundation for a truely standout series with an ease which Neal Stephenson could only dream about. In case it's not clear, this is not a Stephenson/Gibson-alike.

If you've already made up your mind about cyberpunk, you won't like Vurt. However, if you enjoy watching the progression of twisted things to come out of that ugly realm since the P.K. Dick days, you owe it to yourself to try this feather. Since I already got Phil Dick in there, fans of the more recent Mark Leyner should also give this a try. Americans can be cruel, but we learned from the best.

Happily, the Vurt universe does not stagnate. The 1995 sequel _Pollen_ is fantastic, and I see there are at least two Manchester novels following it. Don't you wish you'd read the _Dune_ books as they were written before all of the awful movies and modern sequels were hatched? This is one of those.

Review by sTalking_Goat (2003-11-26)
Wierd. If you must own one novel about cyberspace, drug abuse, incest, gen-engineering and beastiality make this it.

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