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Reviews of Lord of Chaos (1994)

Review by ufo (2007-06-07)
I believe this is the book where things start to slow down a bit. The plot separates into many subplots, which don't come back together until the end of the series. It has some very interesting moments, but besides that, it is kind of boring and slow. When I read it, I noticed that I was skipping a lot of text during conversations. Robert Jordan seems to like to stick as much descriptions in-between character's lines during a conversation. Sometimes, it gets so bad that the descriptions might go on for a page or two, and when someone says something, I have to go back to see what they were replying to. The end of the book was awesome, though, with a very suspenseful kidnapping, and then a ridiculously large battle that ensues. Perrin comes back into the story in this book, but he doesn't get much attention until the end. I really like how characters are described through his point of view, because he knows their emotions with his powerful smelling.

Although the content is very interesting, it could go much faster, and more could have been fit into this book.


Review by turky (2007-03-17)
This book in my opinion was very dissapointing compared with the fifth book The Fires of Heaven. It didn't have as much action and there were a lot of extremely slow parts making it hard for me to read through the book. When I started reading this instalment of the Wheel of Time I had high hopes that it would be as good as The Fires of Heaven but I was wrong. To break the book down in my opinion there were three main stages

First 600pgs were quite boring and Robert Jordan just seemed to be filling up the pages with boring information nonessential to the story. The next 250 or so pgs was where the book started to become interesting and sort of enjoyable to read without many slow parts. Then came the last 130 or so pgs where as usual Robert Jordan makes the books just utterly amazing and you think where did this come from. So in my opinion it was an okay book. I just hope that A Crown of Swords is much better.

I gave it a 7/10

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