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Reviews of Last Article, the (1988)

Review by johnafair (2008-10-26)
During Gandhi's struggle to gain independence from the British, he professed pleasure that it was the British that he was opposing, for against few other countries would his policy of non-violence have been so effective.

In this disturbing story, the Army of India has joined the list of British forces to have fallen to German forces and has been marched off somewhere... Unwilling to believe that the new German rulers could be as ruthless as they had been made out, the leaders of the Congress party continue their agitation for freedom. But the Nazis have little compunction in using the tactics of terror and the leaders' personal freedom becomes a matter of day-to-day scuttling around decreasingly safe safe-houses...

I found it a rather ambiguous tale - I'm sure that Dr Turtledove is not pro Nazi, and none of them are sympathetic by any stretch of the imagination but Gandhi and co were portrayed as being unbelievably naive - Gandhi and Nehru were sophisticated and Western educated. I am also rather doubtful whether Germany would have had any interest in taking control of India, rather leaving it to their Axis allies Japan - not that that would have meant changing the story in any major fashion!

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