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Reviews of Dragon Reborn, the (1991)

Review by turky (2007-02-11)
I would have to say that this is Jordan's best book so far in the series. We learn that Rand is now the Dragon Reborn even though it was sort of given away in The Great Hunt.
Throughout this book you learn more about the characters personalities. New characters are introduced or brought into more of the main story such as Liandrin and Zarine or (Faile). The Black Ajah finally makes its main entrance with real characters surfacing.
This book was exceptional I gave it an 8/10

Review by clong (2005-02-18)
As had frequently been noted, the early books of the Wheel of Time series were much more satisfying reads than the later books. The Dragon Reborn was a breakthrough book in the series: Mat (especially), Perrin, and the "Wondergirls" receive the lion's share of the POVs and all become more complex, more intriguing, and more sympathetic characters. The Forsaken take on a more active role, and we begin to understand their at times cooperative, and at other times competitive actions. And the book moves quickly, building to another highly satisfying climax, which answers some questions while at the same time raising others.

After the uneven and at times just plain bad recent books in this series, Jordan doesn't seem to get much respect from serious fantasy readers these days. But there is no way to dismiss the remarkable achievement of the early Wheel of TIme books, and I think The Dragon Reborn should be considered one of the best.

Review by dvogel (2003-03-08)
Warning: This book spends roughly 30 (of roughly 50) chapters no where near the "Dragon Reborn". The title led me to believe the book would be drastically different from what it really is. That said, this book is excellent. I was initially disappointed in the second book ("The Great Hunt"), but this book fleshes out quite a bit of what the previous book built up. I plan on buying the next book in the next few days.

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