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Reviews of Magic in Ithkar (1985)

Review by paula (2005-03-09)

I love these books for me they are not dated just well crafted, funny, insightful, and charming. One can see, hear, taste, and smell the Faire at Ithkar. I found almost all of the stories to be uniquely of each writer's style. There are a few stories whose characters are from other books that you may remember. When this series of shared world stories first came out in 1986-7, I was very into Ren Faires, (and I still am). I wanted to read a fantasy based in a Faire setting so this was a perfect fit. But these stories I feel would appeal to anyone who really enjoys fantasies with a twist.
For years I thought there were only three books in this series and by accident I found there was a fourth, and of course it was out of print. In those days there was no internet so one had to first, find a bookbinder, call long distance or write, a bookbinding company to track down copies of the out print books. They charged a lot for the service but it was worth it to have the complete collection. Its so easy now to find these and other fantasy treasures via Internet sellers. So buy them, read them, and enjoy the Magic at Ithkar.

Indianapolis IN.

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