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Reviews of Deadhouse Gates (2000)

Review by clong (2003-11-14)
Wow! Gardens of the Moon was great; Deadhouse Gates is even better. Dark, powerful, and complex with flawed heroes and (at least in some cases) sympathetic villains. The Chain of Dogs plotline may be the most compelling, but they all have something to offer, and each story is clearly heading somewhere.

Don't bother if you're looking for light escapism and fairy tale endings.
This is the best fantasy I've read since A Storm of Swords, and perhaps it's even better than that. It will be hard for the subsequent volumes to live up to the standard set by the first two books in the series.

Review by dougthonus (2003-04-17)
Erikson's writing improves tremendously from the first book of the series to this one. It took me awhile to get into the book, and through the first half there were a few points where the story annoyed me, but he nailed the ending. He nailed it in a way that few endings can be done, and I think that made this one of the better books I've read.

Also, a huge strength is that in the first 2 books (i've heard it's true for all 4, and most likely all 10 of the eventual books in this series) is that the books end without giant cliff hangers. They are in and of themselves complete novels. You'll likely want to read them in order, but you won't feel like you didn't get a complete story when you get to the end of a book.

He definitely didn't follow through with another happy, happy ending like GoTM in this one, which was a big relief to me as well, since nothing makes me more sick then stories in huge times of war and conflict where no one gets hurt.

These books are difficult to obtain, but if you are a fan of fantasy, and you've read Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin, I don't think you'll find anything else on the American shelves that you'll like as much as these books.

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