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Reviews of Gardens of the Moon (1999)

Review by lord kallor (2004-12-16)
When i started reading this book i had no idea what it was about, furthermore halfway through i was still pretty stumped. But i persevered and lo and behold i descovered a series of books which dont just show the reader another land they show them a whole world in such complexity that its hard not to be blown back by the scope.

So i am now a devoted fan of Steven Erikson and his current books.

In conclusion, if you like a simple plot and a shallow story this is not the book for you, but if you want the most complex twisting plot ever commited to a series of books, The Gardens of the Moon is the book for you.

Review by E-Tigger (2003-03-07)
Reading Gardens of the Moon for the first time is like walking into a conversation where the speakers occasionally use words from a language you don't know.
You get the gist of the idea and as the conversation progresses, you gain more and more insight and are better able to follow along.

The reader is immediately immersed in a world/belief/system that is not described, but instead displayed.

If you can get past this initial disorientation and let the world unfold (with a little effort at first), the rewards are well worth it. The world is rich in character, race, concept and execution.

Review by dougthonus (2003-03-07)
I thought this was a great book, and I intend to continue with the rest of the series, however, I've found several major problems with it. (I've been assured, by avid fans, that they don't pertain to the whole series).

1) He throws around power like a 9 year old D&D dungeon master. There are so many different 'invincible' powers and items in this book it's ridiculous. It made me wonder how well thought out the rules to his world are.

2) He build up several things as having tremendous power, just to dispel them almost trivially later, as if they weren't all that powerful at all.

3) The love story was completely unbelievable, and in my opinion had no place in the book.

4) The book in general was just way too happy, happy for me in the end.

In general, I enjoyed the story and the authors writing, but I didn't think it was anywhere near as good as the cult following it has recently developed would indicate. I gave it 8 of 10 stars.

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