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Reviews of Villette (1853)

Review by earlbrad10 (2008-03-14)
Villette is dark. Lucy Snowe is more than a little odd. The book is an enjoyable read because of Lucy Snowe's dead pan, almost depressing outlook on life as the narrator. You almost don't want to trust her because she is so unlike any female character that you've encountered in 19th century British Literature. I think that is what makes the novel so interesting and entertaining. There are a few amazing coincidences in the story, but that is easily overlooked as you become ensconced in this Lucy Snowe's world. Sometimes overly dramatic, sometimes overly solemn but always enjoyable, this book constantly kept me guessing on how it would end. It's hard to classify this book because it mixes the gothic, the romance and the tragedy all together quite nicely. I recommend this book.

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