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Reviews of Daughter of the Bright Moon (1979)

Review by tempest_gypsy (2006-11-08)
My first thought, a quarter of the way through the book, was: From the talented author of "Jeralyne," I expected better.
"Daughter of the Bright Moon" seems to be a rather bad example of fantasy literature. It tells the story of Rifkind, a young woman from the desert wastes of Asheera, who is outcast from the clans by her status of warrior and healer. She leaves her harsh life there for the more subtle, complex world of life with the 'Wetlanders' and in the process gets drawn into a plot for the throne as a disposable 'tool.'
The chracaters are inconsistent, the world is not well constructed, and important plot points seem to be just thrown in, rather than built into the strong structure of a well crafted story. The action occasionally changed totally in the middle of sentences with no indication that the situation had changed. I found myself at points flipping back a page or so to make sure my confusion wasn't because I had skipped a page. I also felt like there were chapters missing, as characters would undergo deep changes in their personality and attitude, with no reason given for the sudden alterations. Characters were frequently used as plot devices and then left by the wayside, or killed in minor skirmishes when no longer useful. And I found it particularly frustrating that if a piece of lore, history, custom or knowledge was needed, it was just suddnely there, even if it had never been mentioned before, and should have been. Very lazy world building.
This COULD have been a well constructed story of a strong woman who was an outcast wherever she went, learning to merge the strengths from her home with the skills she learned in her new surroundings. It wasn't.

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