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Reviews of Babbitt (1922)

Review by g3n0v4h (2010-02-10)
The summarizing of the sypnosis and after patiently observing every bit of information, I completely predicted this to be a gratuitous read. It appealed to me due to the fact this book truthfully reflected myself from time to time. George F. Babbitt is a successful middle class businessman married to a mature loving wife and three children: two females and a male. While seemingly contented with his social conformity living, later in the branching of his faultless seperation of his best friend, Babbitt undergoes a transitioning from an expected conservative into an unwanted liberal. In the end he tragically fails and reverts back into an upstanding idealized citizen of the early 1920's. An extremely realistic implorational realization of American discontent of their heavily materialistic though souless occupations, this literary classic truly touch my heart and rather resolved my pessimistic ideologies on America's future while ultimately remaining an ANTI-CONFORMIST! A Solid 9.0/10

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