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Reviews of Amber Spyglass, the (2000)

Review by Zacynthus (2004-11-23)
This is my least favourite of the trilogy. I waited so long for it to come out and it turned out to be such a dissapointment. It does have its moments of greatness, but overall I found it lacking. This could be because I was simply not ready for it. As I have only read it once I can't really say.

Review by clairv (2004-10-13)
The Amber Spyglass is a heart-pounding action adventure, epic in scope and so vividly told that the story fairly leaps off the page and pulls you along with it. Like the wild ride of an Indiana Jones movie, there were points in the book where I had to put it down and catch my breath before reading on.

Lyra and Will, the teenage heroine and hero of the series are back for one last adventurous trek through strange worlds populated by witches, armor-clad polar bears, angels, scientists, tiny dragon-fly riding spies, and harpies, just to name a few.Pullman has crafted an excellent story and infused his characters with such genuine emotion and depth that it makes for a very satifsying read.

Review by danipoo27 (2004-09-14)
OMG! I love this book! The plot is great, and the ending is too, except it is miserably saddening. Though I'm ashamed to admit it, I actually cried. I know I'm a naive little girl. Pullman adds dark suspense to his creative fantasy, and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, fingers ready to turn the next page.

Review by lozzina (2004-01-22)
brilliant too! a terrible ending, but only because of what happens! you'll have to read it to see what happens, but it will pull your heartstrings. fantastically well written!

Review by darkcrow (2003-11-21)
new concept of fantasy..this book and its former may be a alternative point in the morden fantasy

Review by coranon (2003-03-09)
The final (or is it?) part of His Dark Materials series. An excellent strong read, emotional, smart, unpredictable, scary, sad.... Pulls at alot of emotional strings very well.

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